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Say No to Binge Eating & Eat Healthy Food - (10 Hour) Rain Sound - Sleep Subliminal - By Thomas Hall

Upload : 9 Agu 2018
Channel  : Thomas Hall
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This is a subliminal recording and should not be listened to while driving or operating machinery. Headphones are not needed for this recording.

The affirmation/messages for this recording have been embedded into a ten-hour relaxing soundscape of gentle falling rain. The peaceful sounds of rain will help you to drift off into another world. The raining remains at a calm and consistent tempo throughout the entire recording, allowing for a tranquil, undisturbed experience. Although this recording was designed to be listened to whilst sleeping, you can also listen while awake.


Q. Can I only listen whilst asleep?

A. You can listen to this recording whilst asleep or awake, both methods are effective.

Q. Do I need headphones to listen to this recording?

A. No, you do not need headphones. The messages have been embedded in a variety of ways, ensuring they can be absorbed either with or without headphones.

Q. Can I listen while driving or when I’m at work?

A. No. You should refrain from doing anything that requires concentration such as the operation of machinery or driving. This is for your own safety as some people may experience temporary drowsiness. I recommended that you listen while sleeping, relaxing, meditating, or enjoying activities such as drawing or reading.

Q. Do I need to watch the screen?

A. No, you don’t need to watch the screen. The messages are only embedded in the audio recording, so you just need to listen.

Q. Why can't I hear any talking?

A. This is a subliminal recording, which means the affirmation messages are hidden within the audio.

Q. How do subliminal messages work?

A. Compared to regular audio, the subliminal affirmation messages are recorded at many different frequencies and volumes, therefore you will be unable to hear the messages consciously. Because you are unable to hear the messages consciously, they bypass the part of your mind that analyses information, thus enabling the messages to go directly to your subconscious mind, allowing them to be absorbed as a factual new reality.

Q. How long until I get results?

A. It varies. Some people will only have to listen for a matter of minutes to notice an improvement, whilst others will need to listen for several hours over the course of a few days.

Q. At what volume should I play the recording?

A. At whatever volume you find most comfortable.

Q. What do the messages in this recording say?

A. Here is a list of all the affirmations/messages in this recording.

I can control what I eat

I have excellent motivation

Eating healthy food makes me feel good

I can resist binging on food

I am a strong person

Binging on food is bad for me

I only eat healthy food

I will not binge on food any more

Eating healthy food makes me happy

I can resist eating sweet food

I am in control of my emotions

I have the willpower to resist temptation

I only eat when necessary

I avoid eating sugary food

I avoid eating fatty food

I am a highly motivated person

My motivation grows stronger everyday

I can control the amount of food I eat

I can achieve anything I set my mind to

I must resist junk food

I have a powerful mind

I am in total control of the food I choose to eat

I say no, to unhealthy food

Being healthy makes me feel good about myself

I have the willpower to do anything I want to do

I am a strong-minded person

I say no, to unhealthy food

I am a strong person that can resist sugar cravings

I will never eat cakes

I will never eat chocolate

I will never eat biscuits

My willpower grows stronger everyday

Healthy food is good for my body and mind

I say no to sugary food

I am a strong person that can resist unhealthy food

When I wake up each morning, I feel great

When I wake up each morning, I feel amazing

When I wake up each morning, I am full of energy

When I wake up each morning, I am full of motivation

(((((All of the above are repeated throughout the recording)))))

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