How to gain weight in a healthy way

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How to gain weight in a healthy way? There is a solution to that and we will present you with some tips and tricks you need to follow to achieve this.

As exhausting it might be for someone to lose weight, it is equally exhausting for someone to gain weight. So, how can you gain weight healthy and without disrupting your body?

If you are anxious about exposing your body, let’s say at the beach, let me tell you: you are not the only one. If your weight is lower than the desired one, you have no reason to make an effort to fix it. After all, the numbers in the scale are not important. What is important is how you feel at each stage of your life.

Exercise and weight gaining

What is very important (even necessary) is to combine your weight gaining diet with exercise. If it is on a daily basis even better. Ideally, you need to focus on exercises with resistance that will place the extra weight in the places you want. For instance, if your body type is one with an open pelvis, you can strengthen your torso and improve your proportions. Exercising will augment your body mass and this way the weight that you will gain will be mostly muscle and less fat. You also need a light aerobic routine for health reasons as well as a way to strengthen your stamina. As far as eating is concerned, it is crucial not to skip a meal and always have it in the back of your head to carry something with you if you are not home, according to experts. The same that is true when you wish to lose weight is true when you want to gain it. The only difference is that if you lose a meal it is possible to lose weight and go a step back in your effort. Your main meals are suggested to be composite, that is to include a combination of proteins and carbohydrates, for instance chicken with rice.

Cooking and weight gain

The important is to eat adequate quantities (slightly bigger portions than the restaurant ones). Also important is that the cooking and the type of food to be healthy and quality. The point is not only to gain weight but also to stay healthy while doing it. So, it is better not to start eating junk food, fried food etc. but to enhance your food with raw olive oil and whole grain bread. For the meals in the between you also need healthy foods that also provide many calories. In your effort, you will find juices, cereal, dried fruit, black chocolate, honey and tahini to be your allies! You need patience and perseverance but the result will definitely reward you at the end! Overall, the secret to gain weight and reach the desired weight is an enhanced diet along with regular exercise that helps the growth of body mass. Find more info here
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