Hourglass Figure Exercises | Mermaid Dress Home Workout

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The silhouette of a mermaid dress always looks so beautiful, and it is the desire of every woman to be able to wear one without feeling self-conscious. This home workout uses just 5 hourglass figure exercises to focus on the key elements on show in the form-fitting mermaid dress, so you can show off in it. The best part of this fantastic article are the instructions. The pictures clearly demonstrate each hourglass figure exercise and there are ideas on how to make the workout harder if you want a bigger push.

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See the full workout from thefitchronicles.com here…

5 Hourglass Figure Exercises


  1. Cindy Michaels says:

    Thank you for the great post. Do you have any exercises specifically for my upper back. I have a wedding in to go to in two weeks and I want to look my best. I really appreciate the help and keep blogging!

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