15+ Smoothie Ways To Drink Yourself Healthy!

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  The great thing about smoothies is that you can be creative, whether you’re a berry-lover or banana crazy there is a smoothie for you! We have found 18 mouth-watering recipes that will turn you into a smoothie-holic – from the classic favourites to the wacky and obscure – but as with all of our posts, they’re packed with nutritional benefits to help you lead a healthier … [Read more...]

Superb Homemade Strawberry Lemonade


Research by the RBTI has shown that lemons are the ONLY food in the world that is anionic (an ion with a negative charge), this means that it’s extremely helpful for providing cell energy! It is also a very good source of Vitamin C, and can help reduce the rate of stone formation in people susceptible to kidney stones! But best of all – it tastes amazing, especially when it’s homemade! … [Read more...]

Tangy Mango-Orange Smoothie


No one wants to make a complex smoothie in the morning – we want simple ingredients that will kick-start our day. This excellent, tangy-tasting smoothie provides a much wider range of nutrients/vitamins than orange juice – and tastes better aswell! If you prefer a nutty taste then you can even add additional seeds/nuts to this mix as you please – the taste of the nuts is usually fairly … [Read more...]