Legs Of Steel Challenge

Bikini Legs

Finding a workout of this sort that actually works is always difficult, with many never really giving you the results you were expecting. This amazing challenge is perfectly sculpted for success, with target specific exercises that will work your lower legs and bum. The combination of isometric holds at the end of each set will fully fatigue you and really work those muscles. For real … [Read more...]

4 Exercises For Sexy Legs

With the summer approaching, now is the time to tone and strengthen for legs you deserve. These 4 exercises are brilliant for targeting a large number of leg muscles, without requiring a large amount of time, equipment or effort. We suggest mixing the 4 together in some sort of circuit, maybe even including some upper body exercises in between, which can help shed a few pounds. Click here to … [Read more...]

Desk Thigh Workout

Finding time to go to the gym can be difficult – but these 5 great exercises for toning your thighs can be done at your desk – with no equipment! By taking only a few minutes to complete these exercises each day, you will notice leaner thighs in weeks! They also target a surprisingly large amount of other muscles in your leg. Best of all, there is also a static exercise option – whereby … [Read more...]

Getting Beautiful Legs

Ever dreamed of having dancer’s legs? Knowing how to get them is difficult enough. The exercises provided are a refreshing break from your conventional leg exercises. They can help specifically target flexibility as well as strength, the result being long beautiful legs. There are clear pictures and instructions on what you need to do. If you want to be able to get those sexy toned legs out … [Read more...]