50 Natural Energy Boosting Smoothies

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If you’re feeling sluggish, put the coffee down and have a look at our 50 best NATURAL energy drinks from around the Web! These will provide you with sustained energy to get you through the day, all containing scientifically-proven energising ingredients! Be sure to tell us your favourite on our Facebook page.

These are truly 50 the best smoothie recipes that you are going to be able to find anywhere on the web. There will be some recipes that you have tried before but there are still plenty of exotic new recipes for you to try.

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Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #1 - Killer Kale

Definitely one of the healthier smoothies on our list, the kale will increase your energy throughout the day! We recommend you include the rich bran – and ingredient which is incredibly tasty and is sometimes fed to horses to provide them with energy! Learn how to make the Killer Kale juice at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #2 - Blueberry Chia Blast

This smoothie contains fairly unique ingredients, but we highly recommend it due to the presence of Chia, which was eaten by the Mayans for its huge energy-boosting properties! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #3 - Shamrock Shake

You’ve seen what happened to Popeye after he ate Spinach – and who are we to argue! This is also incredibly more-ish due to the sweetness from the banana and coconut milk! Learn how to make the Shamrock shake at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #4 - Very Berry Banana

Deliciously simple, an ageless classic! Has a great blend of sweetness and tanginess! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #5 - Apple and Beet

An amazingly refreshing choice, the addition of ginger helps to improve circulation which will give you the feeling of having more energy! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #6 - Best Raw Apple Pie

Apples are amazingly simple, but yet are so tasty and effective! We used flax seed to make it a great morning vitality/stamina smoothie! Learn how to make the best Raw Apple Pie juice at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #7 -  Peanut Butter Green

Peanut butter is a great ingredient for masking the bitter taste of spinach – it will also provide you with a sustained release of energy throughout the day! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #8 - Summer Mint Watermelon 

Did you know scientists have discovered that watermelon could be used to power cars? If it can power a car, it can power you! All packed in a wonderfully delicious and refreshing summer drink! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #9 - Cantaloupe Agua Fresca

Photo provided by: The Grilling Book | Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2013
For those of you who like to experiment – try this Mexican-inspired exotic cantaloupe fresco which has been shown to support energy production! Learn how to make the Cantaloupe Agua Fresca juice at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #10 - Homemade Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a great natural isotonic drink that can also strengthen your immune system and detox the body! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #11 - Persimmon Blackberry Green Coconut

If you want a powerful, unusual smoothie - then this will be perfect for you! Contains an exotic mix of greens, berries and persimmon! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #12 - Dark Chocolate Blueberry Protein Spinach

One of the wackiest combinations I’ve ever seen in a smoothie – chocolate and spinach! Both are excellent source of energy (especially the latter), so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! Learn how to make the Dark Chocolate Blueberry Spinach drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #13 - Watermelon Lemonade

Contains both water and lemon – which provides a nice, natural energy boost – and who doesn’t like the refreshing taste of watermelon?! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #14 - Sparking Pineapple Mint Juice

One of the most satisfyingly refreshing drinks i’ve ever tried – yet so simple! A must-try for any pineapple lovers out there! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #15 - Tropical Mango

This tropical treat is incredibly smooth and flavour-some , makes me think I’m on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! Learn how to make the Tropical Mango juice at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #16 - Pumpkin Cranberry Dairy-Free

This is a great option for those of you who love the taste of pumpkin – works excellently well combined with the cashews! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #17 - Creamy Coconut Avocado

The avocado gives this a silk-like texture – it’s beautiful! With the hint of coconut – we think an extra dash of pineapple makes this the ‘Paradise Smoothie!’ Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #18 - Turbo-Charged Energy Juice

This one comes highly recommended (doesn’t it look pretty)! The perfect combination of fruit and veg to make it a great energy enhancer! Learn how to make the Turbo-Charged energy juice at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #19 - Carrot Beet Apple Detox Juice

There is something delightfully angelic and innocent about this smoothie – with a great blend of beet, carrot and apple for a fresh taste. Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #20 - Sparking Cucumber Limeade

This limeade has an incredibly zingy vibe, and the different tangy-tastes mould the drink together perfectly! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #21 - Healthy Limeade

This is exceptionally healthy – packed with greens – yet contains enough cinnamon and honey to make it tasty! Learn how to make the Healthy Limeade at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #22 - Mint Julep

Have a choice of 4 different drinks here – our favourite is the Lemon, cucumber detox water because of its energy boosting and body cleansing affects! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #23 - Orange Julius

This delightful and refreshing orangey treat blends perfectly with the vanilla – we prefer it without the vodka or sugar (it doesn’t need it!) Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #24 - Iced Chai Tea Latte

In Hebrew, Chai means ‘Life Energy’, which is a very apt description for this delicious iced tea! Learn how to make the Iced Chai Latte at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #25 - Strawberry Basil Lemonade

Strawberry lemonade really is delicious – but adding basil as well is just a master-stroke! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #26 - Watermelon Moscato Slush

Watermelons always has the ability to make a drink taste luxurious and this is no different – substitute the wine for a sweet-tasting fruit such as a banana for a natural energy boost! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #27 - Chocolate Almond

Treat yourself with a chocolate, almond and banana smoothie for a dreamy & creamy experience! Learn how to make the Chocolate Almond drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #28 - Honey Banana

Nutmeg has to be one of the best ingredients for smoothies, especially when combined with honey – a powerful, natural energy source! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #29 - Classic Green Monster

Certainly lives upto it’s name – the spinach will have you raring to go and give you an abundance of energy! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #30 - Cinnamon Horchata Milkshake

Who would of thought that combining milks in a smoothie would work? This really is quite ingenious – and the nutty almond taste is a great addition to the cinnamon! Learn how to make the Cinnamon Horchata Milkshake at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #31 - Blood Orange

The addition of honey, ginger and vanilla extract to the blood oranges really does separate this from other smoothies – and provides a great natural energy boost! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #32 - Iced Coffee Mocha Banana

Treat yourself with this excellent iced coffee which contains chocolate syrup and banana – perfect for when you need a midday energy surge! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #33 - Refreshing Watermelon

This smooth is extremely rich in Vitamin B – a great natural source of energy, and will also help you to keep you hydrated! Learn how to make the refreshing watermelon juice at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #34 - Chocolate Cherry Espresso

For those who want an instant buzz, this chocolatey cherry espresso is a great coffee replacement! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #35 - Blueberry Banana Acai

The powerful acai berry can help to increase overall energy and stamina levels, and also helps to combat fatigue and exhaustion! Combined with great tasting, fresh blueberries and bananas and you’ve got yourself a great smoothie! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #36 - The Green Drink

This vitamin-packed smoothie contains a beautiful variation of greens, and tasty fruits! Pick this up to power yourself through the day! Learn how to make the Green Drink juice at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #37 - Kiwi Pear Apple Ginger Juice

A perfect breakfast juice to give you an added boost for your day ahead, with an elegant blend of kiwi, pear, apple and an essence of ginger! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #38 - Cranberry Banana

A great choice if you love the taste of cranberries! It’s also packed full of sweet tasting fruits! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #39 - Breakfast Power

An energizing breakfast smoothie that contains strawberries to kickstart your day! Learn how to make the Breakfast Power juice at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #40 - Super Green

An amazing blend of banana’s and citrus that completely masks the taste of the spinach! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #41 - Cherry Vanilla Oatmeal

A great pick-me-up snacking smoothie, with a nice combination of nuts, yoghurt and fruit! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #42 - Just Peachy Green

This peachy smoothie contains hemp seeds which are a great additional source of protein. Learn how to make the Just Peachy Green juice at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #43 - Greens with Avocado

Surprisingly tasty for a green smoothie (that contains avocado)! This one will have you raring to go! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #44 - Banana Almond Butter

There is something wonderful about the combination of banana with almond, be sure to add flax seeds for a noticeable boost in energy! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #45 - Green Smoothie Cupcakes

Incredibly creative and magical – a smoothie in a cupcake! Does life get any better?! Learn how to make the Green Smoothie cupcakes:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #46 - Yummy Yoghurt

One for the berry yoghurt loving fans out there – only 77 calories per serving! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #47 - Hibiscus Tea

Perfect for a hot summers day, and hibiscus has been found to help boost the production of energy! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #48 - Banana Berry Green

Lives up to its banana-berry name, and despite the spinach it still tastes sweet and fruitful! Learn how to make the Banana Berry Green juice at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #49 - Red Rooster

This should be called the ‘Red Rooster, Energy-Booster!’ Contains an awesome mix of grapes, beet and cucumber! Discover the secrets to this fantastic drink at:


Natural Energy Boosting Smoothie #50 - Papaya Sunrise Green

One of the most exotic, and powerful smoothies I’ve seen! Spinach, kale and chia seeds all combined to create a super-healthy and energy boosting smoothie! Get the full recipe and try it for yourself at:


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